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About Us

Haas and Dawe
Certified Public Accountants

While auditing independent escrow companies continues to be its niche market, this has not prevented Morton Alan Haas & Co. from developing other areas of its practice. As is detailed on the Services page of the firm¬ís website, one can see that Haas and Dawe has developed a multi-faceted tax practice and provides monthly write-up services to complement the audit practice for which its reputation is known.

Haas and Dawe is an equal opportunity employer. The firm's roster of 3 partners and 18 accounting, bookkeeping, and administrative professionals is culturally diverse among men and women and different ethnicities from various places throughout the world.

  • Haas and Dawe
  • 731 N Hollywood Way
  • Burbank, CA 91505
  • Telephone: (818) 552-2384
  • Fax: (818) 552-3501